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With ice cream tubs, cakes, toasties & tubsters!

Have your cake & ice cream too!

It’s your birthday, why stop at a scoop?


Meemees tubsters’s literally comfort in a tub - which is why it’s my favourite thing for my friends and I to send each other as a lil pick me up. It ticks all the boxes giving you the perfect bits of crunchy, chewy, creamy - all in one spoon - satisfying you, yet leaving you wanting more. The signature tub and brown butter almond have been my favourites for yearss and are definitely a MUST try.


MeeMee's isn't your average ice cream, its a playground for your taste buds, offering a delightful variety of flavours.

MeeMee's doesn't stop at just the classics. They've taken the ice cream experience and turned it into an art form with their signature creation: the Toastie. Imagine a warm, golden waffle shell exploding with your favourite MeeMee's ice cream. It's like a taco, but instead of savory fillings, you're treated to an explosion of sweet, creamy bliss. It’s one of the treats I look forward to most whenever I travel to Mumbai and am eagerly awaiting the day when it’ll be readily available and just a click away in Delhi too.

@Suditi, Delhi

We've ordered Meemees toasties across the country and have been super impressed with the ease of delivery and the quality of the finished product. The toasties came packed perfectly in dry ice cartons and were ready to eat straight out of the carton! They are super addictive to eat and the perfect treat for kids and adults alike.

I'm not a big fan of ice cream, but having tried meemees I must say that's the exception for me! I simply love the rich creamy flavour and smooth texture. The unique flavors also grabbed my attention and made me want to try all of them. It's 5 stars from me!


The Meemees toasties are a staple in our fridge! The taste, variety and portion size all make it a very convenient post meal dessert.
I use the toasties for gifting whenever I travel and it’s always been a big hit


Meemee's makes the best ice cream and to top it, they stuff it into a waffle taco. Their Toasties are like little bites of heaven. Must try!